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Final Accounts

Annual Accounts


12 Months that pass in a flash..........

We all know that time passes quickly, but one year in business goes in a blink of

an eye.

A director of any business must ensure accounts and corporation tax returns

are filed on time. CHF helps by preparing the accounts and taking you through

them before you sign them off for filing.

Our Annual Accounts service includes:

  • Preparation of final accounts in the correct format

  • Adding explanatory notes as and when needed

  • Preparation of corporation tax return

  • Utilising allowances and reliefs

  • Filing with Companies House and HMRC

CHF does not just file annual accounts; we take you through them, so you are fully aware of what you are signing. Checking you understnad the contents, the allowances and the reliefs used and are happy with the tax liability.

Companies have 9 months from the year end to file and pay. We aim to have everything done with months to spare. This ensures compliance and planning on how to pay any tax incurred. 

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