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Self Assessment /SATR involves more than just income and expenses.

Self-Assessment returns throw up many an issues and problems, all normally done at

the last minute before the filing deadline of 31st January. CHF aims to have all clients

filed before Christmas so you know it’s done – you then have time to plan payments.

CHF ensure employees are paid on time, with the correct pay and the correct

deductions. Everything will go through the correct channels and we will deal with all 

employee details and ensure they receive payslips and year end reports.

Our Self Assessment service will:

  • Analyse your source documents, payslips, sole trader accounts etc

  • Prepare your tax return and talk you through it

  • File online

  • Send you a full copy with all notes as a hardcopy and digital

With payments on accounts, changing allowances and different reliefs the annual return has become more complex. CHF can take your bank statements, dividend vouchers, payslips and invoices and ensure your return is accurate. With the return prepared we will send you a full breakdown and ensure you know what you are signing before we file. Making sure you keep complete control

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